Wrestlers value team work in upcoming season


Mr. Stover coaching practice with the wrestlers.

Kevin Pham, Journalist

For wrestling team members, success is not just about the number of wins but also about forming a dependable team.


Wrestling coach, Mr. Reitemeyer, emphasizes that good relationships are important to success.


“I think it’s human nature to try to do our best when someone we care about ask us to do something,” Reitemeyer said.


Mr. Reitemeyer believes that he has a healthy relationship with his wrestlers. Quentin Hayes, a wrestler, says “we’re cool beans”.


The 2012-2013 season was the team’s most successful, with a 33% win rate.


“We were 5-4.Of our 9 matches, 7 of them were decided by 1 match. we won 4 of the 7 matches and lost 3 of them,” Reitemeyer said.


On the contrary, Hayes believes that the year prior was when he felt the team did very well, even though they only had a 25% win rate.


The rosters on Ramssports.com fluctuate a lot, affecting success. Reitemeyer said that less wrestlers on the team would result in practices not being as intense.


“Ideally, I would like to have a large roster. l’d say you would want at least 20 kids on your team realistically,” Reitemeyer said.