Black History Poetry Series: A Man With A Dream


Kandah Johnson, Journalist

In a world full of hatred it’s so hard to be positive. Trying to be different from normality and escape reality because the color of your skin doesn’t fit the quality.

Being told you’re not good enough so you’ll never succeed; books snatched right from your hands so you couldn’t even read.

Knowledge is power the more you know the more you’ll grow, but being born this shade there was very little I could show.

Being raised in a world so corrupt, it’s hard to think things would ever change, and walking outside every day was just a reminder of the pain.

Why limit ourselves to this way of living? There has to be a better way—who will see us through this day? A brave man who had a dream, a dream that things were more than what they seemed, a dream that gave us all a chance a chance at hope—hope for equality.

The voice of our people he had no fear. He gave powerful speeches for all to hear.

A brilliant man, he devoted his life to his people. He would do anything for us all to be equal. A father, husband, son, and leader; a futuristic overseer. This man’s legacy lives on today. A man with a dream: MLK.