Choice Not Chance provides opportunities for students


Sofia Rose, Journalist

This month, Dickinson proudly announced its collaboration with the Choice Not Chance Program through the Clarence Fraim Boys and Girls Club. Choice Not Chance is dedicated to connecting youth to their communities, and getting more involved at Dickinson is one of their main goals.


The program is offered all year through the Delaware Technical Community College (DTCC), and the main target of the program is to help students who need tutoring in math, writing, or reading. Members of the program also have opportunities to participate in sports, culinary workshops, volunteering, field trips, and college courses.


Resources like this program allow students to take charge of their own education and expand their skills beyond the standard school day.


According to the DTCC website, there is free bus transportation from Dickinson High School directly to the Boys and Girls Club, and a bus to bring people home in the evening. The program is on Tuesdays and Fridays from 3-8 p.m. all through the school year.


For a high school student, large time commitments can be daunting. However, Choice Not Chance “is a hidden gem,” said Kadesha Carroll, who is the program manager of Choice Not Chance.


Our program has both tangible and intangible benefits,” Carroll said.  “The intangible benefits… are wisdom, insight, direction, [and] tutor help.”


Since no Dickinson students are involved with the program yet, none were available to comment on the program and offer their perspective to see if the it fulfills these goals.


Still, Carroll was incredibly confident in the effects of the program. “We are certain that after one workshop or tutoring session, our students will make better choices than their peers,” she said.
A representative will be at the school lunches sometime in February or March. This representative will be able to provide more information regarding dates, details, and options for any students interested in the program.