Spring break approaches for students and staff


Michael Caserta, Journalist

On March 25, John Dickinson High School will let its students out to enjoy a break from the work, with some time to enjoy the sun, and do as they please. It’s the time of year where flowers bloom, grass grows, and the temperatures rise, so the options for things to do on the break are nearly limitless.


During this break, there are many students who plan on going on vacation, like Eliana McCray. In hopes of fulfilling her time off from school, McCray said that she is attempting to go to Rehoboth beach to “hang-out” with her friends.


Just like McCray, Daniel Sanchez is also looking forward to vacationing during spring break. Sanchez mentioned that this is his last year before he heads off to the military, and that he looks forward to a family vacation in Florida, where he will visit the beaches, Universal Studios, and watch the Marlins play against the Yankees.


Aside from the further places away, there are many other nearby places that provide interesting activities.  Whether you want to go to Stratosphere Trampoline Park near the Riverfront, Carousel Park, or even Cinemark Movie Theater, located by the Christiana Mall, the options go on and on.


For more on “what to do in Delaware during spring break,” just visit www.visitdelaware.com,“ and from there you will find, many things of which you can do.   These are just a few of the opportunities of that are available.