Dickinson boys’ swimming beats 20-year-old record


Hannah Duncan

Dickinson Rams beat the 200-meter freestyle relay twice this year, an event that will be remembered forever in our school’s swimming history. The team of freshman Joey Bufano, junior Kai Louie, seniors Trevor Nix and Ian Chinnery completed this challenge.
The 200 freestyle relay is a race that combines the speeds of four swimmers, each swimming two 25-yard laps. The 1996 record-to-beat was a time of 1.42.35 minutes, and was beaten by Bufano, Louie, Nix and Chinnery in January of this year with their initial time of 1.41.87 minutes.
Boys’ Coach Townsend remarked that the win was a cumulative effort by the entire swim team.
“These boys might have their name on the wall, but everyone had a part in beating this record,” Townsend said. The participants for the relay team were not engraved in stone because all swimmers practiced to be the top four, and the four fastest swimmers were the ones to swim in that relay. The goal was to enhance every swimmer’s individual time.
In late February, the team shaved off 3 seconds at the Delaware State Tournament Preliminary Meet, nailing their new best time of 1.38.83 minutes.
The team was required to give 110% at practice, with steely determination that lead them through this year’s season. Senior Ian Chinnery commented that “beating the record was the best feeling ever.”
Not just anyone can say that their name is in the hall of records, or that they beat a twenty-year-old record, either.
“The hardest part in practicing as defiantly clearing my schedule so that I could swim as much as possible,” Chinnery said.
“Swimming is a team sport,” Chinnery said. “It requires the support of the team to motivate the swimmer; I told Coach that we’d do a 1.38 and whoever didn’t believe me, well, we showed them.”