College Tour: Temple University amazes with big-city appeal

By Summersleek (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Kandah Johnson and Nick Stubbs

Temple University, home of the Owls, is located in Philadelphia, PA, the City of Brotherly Love. Since Temple is in the heart of the city, students experience the true city lifestyle, with tons of things to keep them busy. With all the exciting things that Philadelphia already has to offer, such as the Philadelphia Zoo, museums, historical monuments, and fine cuisine, Temple University adds the cherry on top. Temple offers a chance to meet new and enthusiastic people while furthering one’s education with its prestigious programs.

Life at Temple is designed for students’ ultimate comfort away from home. Temple has various living styles from which to choose, all relaxing and convenient. While most destinations at Temple are in walking distance, another common way to get around can be described in two words: “the train.” SEPTA’s reliable transit services are local and accessible to all students, and they can take them just about anywhere throughout the city of Philadelphia.

Temple has also implemented an Uber service for its students. Uber provides a cab ride that will take students where they need to go throughout the campus to ensure they are on-time to class and safe.

On the way to our college tour at Temple, we took the train to get a feel for the surroundings. The train led us exactly to our destination, which was Temple’s visiting headquarters.

Upon arrival, we could immediately see the school spirit, from students with Temple-wear to the big, plastered signs with a capital “T” in the middle. After settling in, we jumped right into the introduction of what Temple was all about. From tuition and admission fees to Temple’s “Diamond Dollars” (which is money that can only be used on-campus for things like restaurant food), there are ways for students to save their money. We also learned about scholarship opportunities, transportation, safety outlets, Temple sports teams, and famous alumni, such as well-known comedian Kevin Hart and famous sitcom dad Bill Cosby.

After the introduction speech, we had a good idea of what Temple had to offer. Now, it was time for the tour. We split up into two large groups to go sightseeing. We visited places throughout Temple, such as the library, the computer lab, the biology and life science building, the bell tower, the on-campus restaurants and lounges, the theatre for movie night and entertainment, and the student dorm rooms.

Going on our Temple college tour was a never-to-be-forgotten experience , filled with hospitality and facts about the ins and outs of this very diverse and cultural college. This tour really opened our eyes for the future. After this exhilarating tour, who knows?—Maybe we will become Owls someday.

Choose either “well worth it” or “never to be forgotten experience” but not both.