Murphy: Farewell to senior Class of 2016

Byron Murphy, Principal and Guest Contributor

For you – the Class of 2016 – I hope: I hope that you’ve learned a few things like English and math and history and maybe even a little Spanish or French. I hope you know more about computers than you did when you came to Dickinson. I hope you have some knowledge of and appreciation for art and/or music. I hope you’re a safe driver. I hope you’ve learned about yourself – your areas of interest, a possible career, how to deal with challenges both academic and personal. I hope there is a teacher that has helped you along your path and that you take a moment to say “thank you.” I hope you have come to see that each person is equally and infinitely valuable. I hope you’ve learned that time truly does fly and to appreciate the good things about your current situation while you have them. I hope we have treated you the way you deserve to be treated. I hope we have treated you fairly, and with kindness and compassion.

I hope you have some idea of your path forward in life. I hope that it involves some kind of ongoing education – because education increases your freedom, and because learning is one of the most fundamentally important things we can do in this life. I hope that you participate in your community. I hope you vote and that you take some time to decide for yourself what candidates deserve your vote. I hope you participate in some kind of community service. Working for the benefit of others elevates all of us. I hope you know that – independent of the kind of high school student you have been – you can decide to be any kind of adult you want to be. I hope you choose carefully.

I hope you remember classmates who are no longer with us – Shyheim and Stanley – and that you honor that memory by the choices that you make. I hope you are happy and healthy and safe and that you stop by to visit sometime.

I am honored to have played a small role in your education and I am grateful for the time we have spent together. Farewell Class of 2016 – we miss you already.