22 of Dickinson’s highest achieving students inducted into National Honors Society

Sofia Rose, Journalist

Candles glowed and faces shone on Tuesday, May 17 in the Dickinson auditorium as new members of the National Honors Society were inducted.

New members included 7 rising seniors and 15 rising juniors, all of whom had been selected by a panel of teachers that reviewed detailed applications the candidates had submitted. The applications had space for the candidates to elaborate on leadership positions they had held, service they had participated in, and how they were involved in school and in their communities.

The Society is a “selective group…who have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.25,” according to the ceremony program, which was distributed to the friends and families of the inductees.

The adviser of the society, Ms. Sheehy, described the application process the inductees all undertook. The candidates were each given an application and were required to return it by a certain deadline. Then, a faculty council reviewed each application to see if the candidate met the requirements of the society in scholarship, leadership, service, and character.

During the ceremony, senior members of the National Honors Society were also honored. They stood up one by one as Mr. Murphy announced which colleges they would be attending come fall. Among the seniors who were recognized were National Honors Society President, Trevor Nix; Vice President, Syanne Morton; Secretary, Derek Simpson; and Treasurer, Ian Chinnery.

Not only did Sheehy organize the entire event, but she also watched over all the proceedings, standing on the stage, making speeches, and making sure everything went smoothly.

According to her, the ceremony was “beautiful” and “went very well.”

“I love that parents and families come to support their students,” Sheehy continued, smiling with pride.

When it was the inductees’ turn to come to the stage, they filed up in alphabetical order and were presented with a certificate, a pin, and a single white carnation by the chair members of the society.

According to the ceremony program, “Next year, these new members will attend monthly meetings and will be involved in several service projects for our school and community.”

Members of the National Honors Society are expected to volunteer their time in many school sponsored service functions and events. “It warms my heart to see our students volunteer their time at Red Clay functions, especially the Resource Fair and the College Fair… I always get really positive feedback… it’s the best thing ever,” Ms. Sheehy confided.

One inductee, sophomore Joelle Wilkins, spoke about how proud she was of making it into the society. “It was an honor to be inducted,” she said, but her favorite part “was being there with all my friends.”