Changes at Dickinson for 2016-2017 year

Nick Stubbs, Journalist

Dickinson will be going through some impactful changes in the 2016-2017 school year, designed to support students of Dickinson substantially.

As of next year, each student in grades nine and ten will be given a Chromebook laptop. This project will help enforce technology in classrooms and provide other ways to learn instead of using a textbook. Teachers are going to find ways to incorporate the laptops into their teaching in order to best help the students learn.

Also, next year, the Middle Years Program (MYP) will be expanded from just one hallway to the entire upstairs E-wing. This will help expand the MYP so more middle schoolers can attend Dickinson and be a part of this great program.

Construction is finally coming to an end, which should help with the challenges of rooms being either really cold or really hot.

When asked about these changes, Mr. Murphy said, “I am very excited for the changes for the upcoming school year.” Mr Murphy said that the changes are very sudden, but they will be beneficial in helping students learn.

Changes can sometimes have negative affects at first, but over time changes could substantially affect grades, attitude, and behavior. We want to show Delaware that Dickinson is pushing to be the best school in the state of Delaware, but we can’t do this without change. Dickinson is working to best accommodate every student in the best way possible.