Class of 2016 shares memories

Kandah Johnson, Journalist

Many seniors from the class of 2016 have shared their best moments here at Dickinson. From sports to teachers and friends, to clubs and trips, it has truly been an exciting journey.

Note: Quotes that were not included in the print bulletin have been bolded.


  • “The time I ordered Chinese food in school and snuck out the back to go pick it up and was caught by Ms. Shelli. She called me a snake; it was so hilarious.” –Jasmine Jones
  • “Hanging with friends and teachers, National Honors Society, MCSU student meetings and track, also being in theatre.”–Sandra Njabe
  • “Not being injured senior year because I was injured all of my previous years.” –Ashley Hamm
  • “Theatre was fun when we did the play Othello. I loved that play and that class [and] the people in it. I will always remember Ms. Gee. I loved her being my teacher; she’s the best.” –Melissa Merino
  • “Marching band, all my teachers, and the chorus Six Flags trips were all exciting.” – Brenda Valle
  • “Going to Dover for a soccer game against Lake Forest, and we won.” – Mario Lopez
  • “Aiding for the office.” –Deanthony Broadnax
  • “Marching band when the song fight night came on and my friend Julaine took off her uniform and started dancing.” –Brittany Bell
  • “I enjoyed being a part of the dance team and Dickinson’s track team.”  –Natasia Morris
  • “Marching band season was fun.” –Julaine Fletcher
  • “Gym class is one of my favorite memories.” – Jesus Villagomez
  • “The Blue and Gold All-Star game.” – Victor Santiago
  • “Meeting lots of new people, socializing with friends and teachers.” –Erin Trainor
  • “February 24 of senior year—I broke the 20-year swim record at Dickinson.” –Ian Chinnery


Seniors at Dickinson have finally made it. It has been a long road. From the laughs to the cries, to the worries about test and grades, you guys have overcome. Congratulations, seniors, and may you have the brightest future. Best wishes in all your endeavors.