How To Destress After Midterms

Lizeth Cruzalta-Ayala

Midterms are finally over and the stress that comes with them has finally lifted. The new marking period is soon to come and more stressful situations might pop up. Never fear, however! Here are some helpful tips to cope with the stress of school, work, or just life in general. For tips that students like you might relate more to, here are some ways other students cope with stress.
When the Dickinson Patriot interviewed junior Lauren Bodnar, she said, “swimming is the way I cope with stress. It helps me forget about all the stress for a while.” Many students do sports or exercise to get things off their minds and let the stress go away slowly. Other students said the way they cope with stress is by playing video games, sleeping, and eating. One tip was surprising. junior Samra Arshad said, “crying helps me relieve the stress that I have piled up inside.” People see crying as a way to relieve pain or sadness, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes crying is a way to lift all the pressure you feel that’s on top of you.
If you want more professional tips from a professional psychologist then here are some tips our wellness psychologist, Leighanne Hollans, gave when the Patriot interviewed her. The tips she offered were very specific, like going for walks in the sunlight, eating healthy, getting enough sleep (approximately 8 to 9 hours), finding time to do fun things, and finding ways to laugh. The tips aren’t exactly the same but all the tips will help you cope with stress, at least a little bit. So if you’re feeling stressed try these tips and maybe they will help.