What is a CAS Project?


Samra Arshad

Every year, International Baccalaureate (IB) students have to do a required Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) project. This year, senior Megan Carroll and junior Allison Hendrickson have started a project called IB Movie Night, in which teachers, students in the IB program, and their parents are invited. The purpose of IB Movie Night is to gather the IB Community so that all students can integrate with each other.

According to Carroll, “The main idea of my CAS project is to make sure that anyone as young as sixth grade and twelfth graders can mingle and try to make [IB] more like a community of people that can support each other.” It is a very helpful project for upcoming IB students. Both Carroll and Hendrickson are willing to do more for this project to keep it going strong.
Hendrickson says, “When Megan graduates, I’m going to take over her CAS project and …one of the new IB juniors will be interested. So they can help me as I helped Megan run it … we can keep the flow going by having one following the other.” This is a great plan to keep this project going so it can help new IB students adjust to the IB Program.
CAS is really very important factor of the IB Program because its goal is to make each student a “Whole Person”. As Mrs. Reitmeyer briefly explained, “There is a goal of being active for activity and doing creativity or something artistic or building, … So, each student needs to be a part of that during their IB time.”
In past year, IB has made some changes in CAS. Mrs. Reitemeyer explained the new system like this. “Previously, for 12th graders it was 150 hours of CAS and they needed to be pretty balanced with each area of CAS and with the CAS project as well. So, 50 hours for each area and then we bring CAS project … IB felt like that [students] need to be growing and developing the entire time during IB so they changed it, we are no longer required [to have 50 hours for each part of CAS and each student to do a single CAS project] … we don’t want to be just creative, but really reflective now. What you learn from CAS, you will notice that about yourself.”
Recently, there was another CAS Project called “JDHS Kind to Kids Toy Drive,” which was led by IB senior Rebecca Manthorpe. Manthorpe worked more on the Service area so she could help kids who cannot afford toys. It also reflected the Creativity and Activity areas of CAS by arranging and organizing the donated goods.