Technology is Changing Our Relationships

Maya Ruiz

With technology constantly changing, it has affected people in thousands of ways, throwing them into new situations every day. From making travel easier to saving lives, technology has definitely made a huge impact on everyday life. In the midst of all these changes, human relationships have been greatly affected both in positive and negative ways.
On the more positive side of the spectrum, new advances in technology have made it significantly easier to keep in constant communication. Smartphones allow people to engage in calls, texts, video chats, and much more at the touch of a finger. It was only a few decades ago that people were writing each other letters, forced to wait for each letter to arrive. People only met face to face, in comparison to today where people are able to meet and talk to one another without even knowing each other’s names. Although this extreme level of convenience has made many aspects of relationships easier, it has also created many new issues.
Since people are using technology to converse much more than they would talking face to face, miscommunications are significantly more common. Text on a page has little to no emotion, forcing people to interpret and infer what the other person means from what they send. A message such as, “Are you sure about that?” could be interpreted in two different ways, seriously or sarcastically. Many messages such as this one can lead to arguments and misunderstandings that could’ve been avoided if they had just talked with one another in person.
With family in a couple different states and countries – including Louisiana, Colorado, Italy and Germany, I’ve personally gone through many different experiences involving technology. Technology makes it extremely easy to keep in touch, and if it didn’t exist, we wouldn’t have as strong of a relationship with family that isn’t within driving distance. Nevertheless, seeing them on a screen through Skype or Facetime is never the same as seeing family in person. Family memories can’t be made over the internet, and you can’t give the person a hug or physical comfort.
Overall, technology allows families to have closer relationships and keep in constant communication, while refraining from the high costs of travel. Although miscommunications can happen every so often, and you aren’t able to create important memories, these negatives are definitely not outweighed by the positives.