Cafeteria unveils new vegetarian lunch program

By Samra Arshad

Being a Muslim in a country where many different religious groups are represented, I always have difficulty figuring out which food is halal (meat prepared in a certain Islamic way) and which is not. In school, this problem was particularly challenging and I always asked the cafeteria staff about the ingredients in the food because I had to make sure it didn’t contain any meat. By introducing a new vegetarian meal program, the Red Clay Cafe has made life easier for Muslims, vegetarians, and vegans. “It’s really cool that our school has multiple options of food for people who have different dietary restrictions. It helps people who want to maintain a vegetarian diet, or a healthy diet in general,” said junior Xandria Deleon. Variety is one of the key blessings of the new vegetarian lunch. As Ulises Sanroman, another Dickinson junior, put it: “Students can’t only get pizza everyday, but they can balance their diet by getting different meals… I really like how they also have vegan lunch because sometimes they have vegetarian but not vegan, and it isn’t fair with students who are vegan…our school is actually doing a good job.” So how did the vegetarian lunch program start? One of our cafeteria staff members, Kelly L. Olsav, said, “We had a lot of students who were requesting … vegetarian lunch. So we went back to the main office and asked them if they can get a vegetarian menu for those students…and now it is in all Red Clay schools.” Currently, our school has six students who have ordered vegetarian lunch, and according to cafeteria staff it is going very well. If a student wants to order it, they can visit and open a order form. There are also some rules to this vegetarian pre-order lunch because in past few years, there was a demand of vegetarian lunch; however, students did not take those meals and they were being wasted. So, this year if you do not pick up your lunch three times from cafeteria, your order will be canceled.