Middle school track team sweeps competition

Melanie Daly

Monday, April 3 was the first meet for the MYP track team. Since then, there have been meets on April 10, April 24, May 18 and May 20. The team of 49 middle school students practice four days a week from when school ends until 5:45 p.m., and runs on the track, within Carousel Park, or in school if the weather doesn’t hold up. The two managers, eighth graders Katie Snyder and Cason Cottrell, help provide water and support for the students, take attendance of the team, and take times. At practices, the team warms up and runs two laps around the track and then stretches and runs drills. Afterwards, Mr. Swierzbinski, head coach, along with Ms. Malloy and Mr. Conrad, the assistant coaches, instruct what they will be doing for the day. “Track is more of an individual sport. We’re all part of a team but we each have our own individual strengths which we use in our individual events. When you’re doing your event you’re just one person, but you’re representing the whole team,” said eighth grader Taylor Easter. Students participate in running events (for example, the 100-meter sprint, the 200-, 400-, 800-, and 1600-meter distance runs, the relay races, and hurdles) and field events (like the shot put, high jump, and long jump), but there are individual times and distances taken. “I think Dickinson did best [at the first meet],” Lily Hetherton said, “I know everyone tried their best and everyone had fun.” “It’s a great way to stay in shape, have fun, and compete,” said Ben Katz. Track for MYP arrived this year, and definitely looks like it is going to stay.