“Stars Wars” characters come to life in seventh and eighth grade design class


Exene Pulhamus

Veronica Bielewicz modeling her A.T.S.T

Isabella Laor, student

      In the seventh and eighth-grade design class, Mr. Mester has created a project where students try to make an accurate costume of whatever “Star Wars” character they want. The “Star Wars” project challenges the physical and mental aspect of what costume makers have to go through on a daily basis. Mr. Mester is the one who thought of this project. “I wanted to engage my students with a long-term project with the hundreds, potentially thousands, of characters in the ‘Star Wars’ universe,” Mr. Mester said.

      Mr. Mester expressed that students will benefit from this project because they have to find a way to complete it no matter what.

      “I wanted my students to have something that they can take ownership of, [where] they could pick a unique character that they could thoroughly enjoy…” Mr. Mester said.

     Seventh-grader Zoë Cox is doing a Bith, also known as The Cantina Band Players or Figaran D’an and the Model Nodes, from “New Hope.” She chose this character because “the most important thing in my life is like music. I wanted to bridge the gap between my interest in music and the ‘Star Wars’ project.” Cox did have some challenges as she was getting started and getting all the materials. “The most challenging was collecting the paper mache smooth,” Cox said.

      Seventh-grader Isaac DiMaio is recreating Kit Fisto, a character in the animated TV show “Star Wars: Clone Wars”. Kit Fisto is a Jedi with long tentacles coming from the back of his head.

     There are always challenging parts of a design project. DiMaio said, “It was hard to find a reference picture for his character because it so obscure.”

     Seventh-grader Veronica Bielewicz decided to forge an A.T.S.T., which appears in the “Star Wars” movie “The Empire Strikes Back”. “I chose this droid because I saw it as a challenge,” said Bielewicz.

     This project brought out creativity in so many students and taught kids to really think outside of the box. Star Wars day ended up being a big hit.