Dancing, food, fun at the MYP’s first dance of the year

Rachel Gould

The MYP’s first dance of the school year took place on Friday, October 13 in the cafeteria. The dance was full of costumes, music, dancing, food, and festivities. More than 100 students purchased tickets for the event.


During the dance, there was an unexpected boys versus girls dance competition, and the students were delighted to volunteer for it. The girls won the first round, but the boys had their revenge. The second competition was an air instrument battle. The judge, a parent volunteer dressed as a unicorn, assisted the DJ in deciding which group cheered louder. That team would be proclaimed winner and would have free bragging rights for a year. When she popped in, the boys cheered as loudly as they could and won the competition.


The finale was an intense lip sync and dance battle between sixth grader Elena DiBella and seventh grader Cameron Otto. There were flips, cartwheels, and incredible dance moves. Both sides cheered loudly and were tied. The magical unicorn decided a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors was the only way to break the tie. In the end, the boys won the game. No doubt the girls will be back next dance with vengeance.


Most students interviewed said they enjoyed the dance. DiBella said she liked the lights and the dance-offs, especially when the girls won.

Sixth grader Lillie West, who was dressed as a cupcake, hoped to hear the song “It’s Raining Tacos” by Parry Gripp. Sadly, it was not played.

Seventh grader Molly Strayer liked the dance and its drama. Sixth grader Rowen Harrington also enjoyed the dance despite the loud music and crowded space.

Chloe Brown from sixth grade, dressed as a taco, said that she liked the costumes, music, the lights, and the dance offs.

Most of the students went in costume. From the people I interviewed, the most popular costume was Harrington’s zombie costume. Other popular costumes were Mrs. Stevens or “Helicopter Mom”, a slice of pizza, a clown, Mario and Luigi, two dolls, a banana, and a deer.


Some students had suggestions for improvements. Tristan Kalafut from sixth grade said that he enjoyed the dance, but he would enjoy it more if students could run around. Seventh grader Ben Katz goes to this dance every year. He wanted to hear the song “No Tengo Dinero” [I don’t have any money] by Maffio and is hoping for next time. Some students, such as Jozsef Baranyi from seventh said that they would rather not listen to pop music.


Seventh grader Brian Rebechi who was dressed as The Joker, said that he would rather have tacos at the dance than pizza. Fun fact: There were 33 cheese pizzas ordered for the night!

Shaun Cox from sixth grade said that he found the dance to be amazing. He kept hearing feet screeching behind him, even when there was no one there. Was it Friday the 13th? We will never know.


Many students plan to attend future dances. Jonathan Garvin, from seventh grade, recommends the Valentine’s dance because of all the dance competitions and slow dances. Isabella Ryan from sixth grade suggested a Harry Potter themed dance.


                                                                Will YOU be at the next dance?