Clubbing: the good kind

Isheanesu Tendayi

Seven hundred and twenty. That is the average number of days a typical person will spend in high school. Seven hundred and twenty, the average number of days that you and I have to remember that: “there, their and they’re” are completely different, that the chemical name for water (H2O) is dihydrogen monoxide and that Abraham Lincoln was elected in 1860.

This is the average number of days that we have to create ourselves and, our reputations, to find ourselves and, our talents. We are expected to have made the most important decisions of our lives, whilst coping with the demons that come along with going to hell, excuse me, high school. Part of enjoying your high school career is by participating in many of the extracurricular activities found here at Dickinson.

Although these clubs are to our avail, many a times majority of us tend to reject the idea of staying after school, considering that our time at school is already a bore. However, this idea is wrong. Here is a short summary of why you should be participating in extramural activities:

Time Management – Being accustomed to an eventful day packed with discussing diversity in MSCU or expressing yourself in Slam Poetry helps with more time management discipline which is of paramount importance regardless of who you are and/or where you come from.
Building self esteem – Mastering new skills in Robotics, or standing up for what you believe in in the GSA will promote your confidence to unthinkable heights. This is true because the setting for most of our clubs at Dickinson is a lot more relaxed and peer-friendly.
Achieving your goals – Every extracurricular activity has a purpose, a plan and a goal. By being a part of that, we, as students, will naturally aim to live more intentionally, setting goals and achieving them.
Academics – Recent studies show a distinct correlation between students that participate in extramural activities and higher testing grades.
Teamwork – Societies such as the Student Council and the Yearbook rely largely on the cooperation and unity of their members, this is a skill that would be of great use in the corporate world when you are in a situation that requires you to work with others, even those that you don’t like.

The traits and skills that come along with being a part of something more than just the bare minimum at Dickinson are irreplaceable and I cannot express how life changing every experience is. Personally, I have had the privilege of joining the school paper team and MCSU and both clubs have allowed me to create friendships with different people whilst learning new skills simultaneously. Do yourself a favor and pick up an extracurricular activity, Dickinson is your cloister!