New teachers say that Dickinson has a positive culture


Ms. Volturo teaches a biology class out of the science wing of the school.

Casey Dower, Journalist

Teachers new to the school reported that Dickinson has a supportive staff and positive environment.


New to the high school this year is Allison Gantt, a math and journalism teacher and also a graduate of Dickinson. Before she came to the school, however, Gantt had a variety of jobs in the education field, including teaching at a bilingual IB middle school in Mexico, teaching in Philadelphia, and then coming back to Dickinson as a substitute teacher last year.


So far her experience has been a good one, due to the positive culture and the supportive staff. Gantt says she sees herself “…at Dickinson for as long as I can be here. I love this school.”


Also new to the school is Kathleen Volturo, who taught at St. Mark’s High School for eleven years. Volturo teaches Environmental Science and Biology here at Dickinson. She said that her favorite classes to teach are Anatomy and Physiology and hopes to bring those classes to Dickinson at some point. She said that she “…thinks it’s great here.It’s so diverse and welcoming. People are able to be who they are.”


Within the last four years, other new teachers have joined the staff at Dickinson, including Steven Caulfield and Clark Davis have reported that they have had positive experiences at Dickinson.


Steven Caulfield has been a teacher at Dickinson for three years. He has had a pleasant experience overall, commenting on the support and positive culture of  Dickinson and the staff. “You don’t find that everywhere,” he says.“The staff really cares about the students.” Caulfield advises new teachers to sleep more because “…you’ll feel better and that will make you teach better”, and to “…steal and borrow…” as much as possible when it comes to creating lessons.


Clark Davis said that he has seen an increase with pride at the school within the past three years that he has been teaching, staff and students alike, which has created a positive culture. Davis says “Don’t sweat the small stuff…” to new teachers and  to “…get the school early enough to make copies.” But he also said to enjoy the experience at Dickinson.