Dickinson’s uniform has left unanswered questions

Kevin Pham, Jounalist

John Dickinson High School implemented their uniform policy in Aug. 2015, but there are still questions that need answers.


The idea of uniform came up a number of times by teachers. The School district encouraged the uniform policy school wide.


There was a specific committee for the development of the uniform policy. Members included Mr. Murphy, Mrs. Campbell, other faculty members, parents, and students.


According to Ms.Short, once the school board passed the uniform, it was final. In order to have it corrected, a meeting would need to be held. She also said that students had a say, though not on par with teachers and committee members.


“There were a lot of negative voices”, said Mr.Murphy about the the general mood against the uniform. Mr.Murphy recalls many parent calling him or when students would stop him in the halls to ask about the policy.


So far it has mostly been students who have had complaints to the uniform. In a SLRT meeting on September 24, parents and teachers who were present expressed support for the policy and wanted clarifications of the uniform.


According to Ms.Short there was not much opposition. Most teachers were in favor of it.


Mr Bingham, who attended the SLRT meetings for the uniform policy, said he likes the uniform. He mentioned how there was not much opposition, but mostly questions about the policy.


“It’s a good step. Keeps students looking uniform, more professional, and it keeps students in a right mind set”, said Ms.Short.


When asked for his opinion on the uniform, Mr.Murphy said “You know I have trouble answering that because I think I need 6 months, maybe even a full year to see whether the uniform has a long, lasting, positive impact on climate and culture of the school and by extension on student achievement.”


On September 24th, at a SLRT meeting, the members discussed the following clarifications of the the uniform:


Clarification of Policy
i. Should Joggers be permitted? What if in tan, black, navy or gray?

Joggers as of now, are not permitted based on a majority vote.
ii. Are solid color polo shirts with a stripe on collar or at bottom of the sleeve allowed?

It is allowed, was left alone at meeting.
iii. Are leather skirts allowed? Provided they meet the length requirement, should be allowed.
iv. Are sandals with a heel strap allowed?

Was not addressed, meaning it’s not a problem.
v.Is Denim allowed in an acceptable color?

Denim is not acceptable.
vi.Are pants with holes allowed?

Holes are not accepted in the

vii.are jumpers allowed?

The members voted for it to be left alone.

Viii. Will “skinny” pants be prohibited?

The members left alone due to “skinny” being too broad a word to narrow down.


Another thing noted at the SLRT meeting: dress down days will come throughout the year.