Student Council canned food drive supports Sunday Breakfast Mission

Student Council canned food drive supports Sunday Breakfast Mission

Kandah Johnson, Journalist

Do you want to do a good deed and get rewarded as a result? Do you have unwanted or unused cans stored in your kitchen that are collecting dust? Well, why not share them with people in need? You can start with the canned food drive at John Dickinson High School. During your first period class, get involved by bringing in cans from home to support the homeless. All the tributes go to the Sunday Breakfast Mission, all to support a good cause. Not only will it help people in need, but the homeroom with the most cans will win a free JDHS hoodie as a reward!


The Sunday Breakfast Mission’s goal is to serve the homeless, addicted, and impoverished through Christ-centered programs that meet their spiritual, social, and physical needs. Their primary goal is to restore people to the right relationship with God, their families, and society. So why not be a part of the mission? Having the opportunity to win a free hoodie and feed an empty stomach should be enough reason in itself.


Local churches also know about the Sunday Breakfast Mission. Cathy Shumen from Hopestead church in Philadelphia, PA was more than delighted to speak about the mission. “The Sunday Breakfast Mission is a wonderful organization helping those who are less fortunate.  Especially with Thanksgiving coming up, we need to put into consideration those who may not have a family who has a regular Thanksgiving. So we make it our job to help them understand that they are not alone. The Mission gives them hope and security lets them know that there is somewhere to turn, and there are lots of people that support them, also filling their bellies and getting them closer to god.”


William Charles, also a long time member of the church, took a stand and spoke on behalf of the Breakfast Mission. “The Breakfast Mission is truly a wonderful corporation that helps the less fortunate including myself. Not too long ago I was hopping from home to home, shelter to shelter in need of steady income and a good meal. I had made some not-so-good choices in my life which lead to my misfortune, but with the Sunday Breakfast club they’ve helped me grow and overcome. With their great encouragement and support I am now closer to god. I now understand more and I have changed my life for the better. The Breakfast club has helped many people and I am grateful that there is such a thing in this world like it.”


That one can of food may just be one can to you, but it may be a person’s next meal that hasn’t eaten in days. One can of food could be saving a life.  So you just never know whose life you’re making an impact on; every little thing counts.