PSATs: What’s the Point?

PSATs: What's the Point?

Michael Caserta

The PSATs just passed, and the common question that I have heard is, “What is the point?” Although this two-hour-and-forty-five-minute test may not seem as if it should play a huge role in determining your eligibility college, it does. Now, many juniors may be in denial about the importance of this exam and may state that it has no effect on them. Even though it would be nice if that was true, it is very false. PSATs create a very accurate prediction of what students may expect to score on the SAT.

I am sure it may seem as if it lacks importance, but it matters to students that want to go to a university or a prestigious college. If you ask many seniors that have taken the PSAT, I am sure many of them would agree that they wish they took it more seriously. Now do not get me wrong, I am not saying that PSATs or SATs evaluate you level of “smartness”, but I am saying that colleges that have high standards that focus on those scores.

A few points can differentiate you from all of the other students that seem to resemble you. If you score a little higher than a student that participated in all of the same things you did while in high school, that may be the “make-or-break” decision that an admission counselor needs. It is not the end of the world if your score is not the highest, but working hard towards a higher score for the actual SAT should be your goal.

So get started, buy a “College Board” SAT study book, and put strenuous amounts of hours into getting your SAT score even higher. This score does not dictate your acceptance into the college of your dreams, considering most colleges look at students holistically, but remember: those few points could be the difference between your acceptance and denial. Touch up on the subjects you need the most work in and ask for help. Anyone can do it, it just matters on who wants to work harder. So here is my advice: start today, invest time, and don’t give-up, because this goal is achievable for everyone and anyone.