Dickinson renovates school building for climate problems


Kevin Pham, Journalist

This past year, construction workers renovated the school, fixing things like heating.

“[The roof] was the first thing replaced,” assistant principal Mrs. Campbell says. “I’m fairly certain that they’re completed with that task.”

Additionally throughout this school year and next summer, all exterior doors and windows will be replaced.

Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning renovations are being done to the auditorium, the library and the main office.

One teacher who will be affected by the new ventilation system is Mrs. Covert, the art teacher. Her new room received a new kiln, so repairs and updates were in order to welcome the new piece of equipment. According to Covert, the kiln still in her storage, but she does want it set up. She is very happy to have a new kiln.

In the coming months, the exterior or the shell of the building will be worked on. Occasionally, they will be removing the windows and framing to replace them.

“[Replacing the exterior] will take a little bit longer than they anticipated, which is why [construction workers] didn’t start it summer of 2015–that’s why they worked on the roof,” Campbell says.

According to Campbell, construction was funded with money from the previous Red Clay Consolidated School District referendum.

When asked what she liked the most about the construction, Campbell replied, “I think the biggest thing was the roof.” According to Campbell, whenever it rained outside it rained in different parts of the building, and trash cans were needed to collect falling water.

Campbell says that new windows will also be great for the school.  “The aesthetic value of this school is going to look a lot better when the windows are all matching and they have a nice updated [look], not this turquoise color that’s on the outside of them now,” Campbell says.

There is nothing on the website nor any handouts with detailed description of the construction.  “Mr. Murphy sends out weekly construction updates to the teachers just to let everybody know the construction info of the week,” Campbell says.

The construction’s estimated time of completion is “probably December 2016,” says Campbell.