As weather changes, students concerned about how to dress

Casey Dower, Journalist

Students are confused about the uniform policy as the weather gets colder.

The uniform has been an overall success, in the sense that administration has spent less time doing uniform check than they originally anticipated. However, there is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to certain aspects of the uniform. Administrator Joy Campbell says that hoodies seem to be the biggest issue and “getting increasingly difficult with the weather changing.”

“If it’s going to work, we all need to be vigilant about being in dress code,” Campbell says.

One question on students’ minds is: “What counts as Dickinson wear?” All students are told that Dickinson wear is always allowed. Campbell says that the policy states only sports jackets, polos, and Dickinson hoodies are Dickinson wear.

According to junior Jordan Gosnell, non-Dickinson hoodies should be allowed. “I personally cannot and do not and will not spend any amount of money on an uncomfortable hoodie that I will not wear outside of the school. It’s just pointless.”

But as the temperature continues to drop and the classrooms are getting colder and colder, teachers are concerned on how they should correct their students. Teachers, like Geoffrey Ott, support the administration and their decisions regarding the uniform. Ott says he will advocate for students while also enforcing the policy.