What We’re Reading, 12/8/15

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This week, we’re reading up on sports on the local and national stages.  Check out the articles we have selected below:

  • 20 QUESTION TUESDAY: OLIVIA SMOLIGA:   Olivia Smoliga starts her career at NCAA Championship. She loves backstroke.  Smoliga is currently working on joining the Olympic team.
  • Rams take to the mat: The article is documenting the progress of the Rams(Reidsville) and the wrestling program. They had completed their roster and despite their 1-3 record, they are still going strong. Their goal is the conference title, a goal they’ve wanted to get for a while now.
  • Quien para los Dubs: Los golden state tienen un camino largo en busca de los 27 triunfos, los golden state son el conjunto con el mejor inicio de la historia de la NBA, hoy tienen un partido enfrentando a los Pacers de indiana
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