Snowcase drew crowd with music and comedy


An ensemble performance of Let It Snow at the end of the Snowcase

Sofia Rose

Almost 100 Dickinson students, staff, and parents alike came out to see Arlene Opio’s first annual Holiday Snowcase. The event raised money and collected toys to support Toys for Tots.

“Seeing all of the different acts…the diversity that people had,” was Opio’s favorite part of the organization of the Snowcase. And indeed, all the acts were incredibly varied and diverse.

The antics of emcees Ron Allen, Jerome Blakeney, Julaine Fletcher, and Dru Reese, drew laughs from the crowd as they came onstage in a bumble, announcing the first performer, Opio herself. During her performance of White Christmas, she stood on stage and sang with minimal instrumental accompaniment. The emcees continued to carry the show as they introduced seniors Johance Saintome and Brenda Valle, singing Santa Baby, Mr. Carradin doing a stand up comedy act, and Eric Xaxni singing Boxing Day.

Opio returned again with Camryn Blake, Neriah Persasud, and Taylor Walker to perform the Jingle Bell Rock dance routine from the holiday talent show in Mean Girls. Fortunately, they were able to complete the dance without kicking and breaking the speaker like in the original movie.  They ended with a short dance solo for each girl.


Mean Girls
Arlene Opio, Camryn Blake, Neriah Persasud, and Taylor Walker kick up their heels to “Jingle Bell Rock”


My Grown Up Christmas List was performed next by Maya Brooks, and she left the stage with not a dry eye in the house. After her song, there was a moment of silence for a performer who was too sick to put on her original skit.

“She was going to be really funny with it, so that was disappointing,” Opio lamented.

The emcees compensated, with a skit of a grandmother who attempted to feed her three grandchildren tainted cookies, ending in nonsensical hilarity. Next, was a scene from The Grinch, put on by Sarah Gotthold and Karelin Torres. Gotthold got great guffaws from the audience, and her facial expressions were even more Grinch-like than the Grinch himself.

Next, Xaxni and Schilling performed Carol of the Bells on electric guitar.

Taiche Allen sang Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas next, and the audience responded to her performance with thunderous applause.

A duet of Blue Christmas between Seth Schilling and Rebecca Richardson ended with the two sharing a quick kiss before leaving the stage.

Shakeela Slade sang a jazzy Winter Wonderland with confidence.

Then, Opio, Shilling, and Richardson returned once more with Mr. Jufer in tow to play Oh Come All Ye Faithful on their instruments, before the emcees introduced the penultimate act. Rachel Darr arrived to the great appreciation of the crowd and her version of The Christmas Song absolutely “sleighed”.

The Snowcase concluded with a return of all performers for an ensemble driven Let It Snow, and as the lights came up and the song concluded, the audience went wild.

Opio expressed great enthusiasm for continuing the Snowcase next year, and hopes that after she graduates in 2017, the Snowcase will be manned by “another IB student, so hopefully they can take it as their own CAS project, like I did this year.”