Clubbing: the good kind

Isheanesu Tendayi

December 13, 2017

Seven hundred and twenty. That is the average number of days a typical person will spend in high school. Seven hundred and twenty, the average number of days that you and I have to remember that: “there, their and they’re”...

Selective enrollment hurts Dickinson

Sofia Rose, Editor in Chief

December 13, 2017

The football season was cancelled because of lack of players - So where are the football players? For that matter, where are the singers? Where are the actors? The band members? The answer may lie in the plethora of selective...

Halloween: Did You Know

December 5, 2017

Halloween was started at the festival of Samhain in the Celtic region. It was celebrated in Britain and other parts of Europe. According to, people would light bonfires and dress up in costumes. They would do this to...

Cafeteria unveils new vegetarian lunch program

By Samra Arshad

May 30, 2017

Being a Muslim in a country where many different religious groups are represented, I always have difficulty figuring out which food is halal (meat prepared in a certain Islamic way) and which is not. In school, this problem was p...

Technology is Changing Our Relationships

Maya Ruiz

February 7, 2017

With technology constantly changing, it has affected people in thousands of ways, throwing them into new situations every day. From making travel easier to saving lives, technology has definitely made a huge impact on everyday...

How To Destress After Midterms

Lizeth Cruzalta-Ayala

February 2, 2017

Midterms are finally over and the stress that comes with them has finally lifted. The new marking period is soon to come and more stressful situations might pop up. Never fear, however! Here are some helpful tips to cope with...

On the Recruiting Trail for Boy’s Volleyball

Arelene Opio

February 2, 2017

In less than a month spring sports will begin, and on March 1 Boys Volleyball will be among them. After a promising girls volleyball season, The Dickinson Patriot sat down with Boys and Girls Volleyball Coach David Lee to discuss...

February is the Month of MCSU

Arelene Opio

February 2, 2017

After a 4-month hiatus, the Multicultural Student Union (MCSU) returns to action, with new advisor, Mr. Hutt, hoping to build on the popularity that the club enjoyed last year. Mr. Hutt looks forward to making his own contrib...

Class of 2016 shares memories

Kandah Johnson, Journalist

June 3, 2016

Many seniors from the class of 2016 have shared their best moments here at Dickinson. From sports to teachers and friends, to clubs and trips, it has truly been an exciting journey. Note: Quotes that were not included in the ...

Murphy: Farewell to senior Class of 2016

Byron Murphy, Principal and Guest Contributor

June 3, 2016

For you – the Class of 2016 – I hope: I hope that you’ve learned a few things like English and math and history and maybe even a little Spanish or French. I hope you know more about computers than you did when you came to...

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